Creative leads for Investors, Lenders, and Realtors

At NJ Auction Authority, we got tired of the same old leads that every investor markets to. So we created custom tailored creative leads and data sets for Investors, Lenders, Realtors, and more! Check out some of the ones we came up with or if you are feeling creative, we can mix and match dozens of potential data sets. Then narrow down your search from a specific zip-code, city, or the entire state! 

"Split Decision"

+ recently filed deeds indicating                 divorce

+ absentee owners

+ equity value of 65% or higher

Great for Investors!


+ same owner for 20+ years

+ no open mortgages

+ potential tax lien older than 2 years

"Bun in the Oven"

+ owner married 3-5 years

+ condo or HOA

+ property in Jersey City or Hoboken

Great for Realtors!

"Ripe for Refi"

+ same owner for 7+ years

+ loan balance of 30% or less

+ adjustable rate mortgages

+ interest rate of 4% or greater

+ not owned by LLC

"Hard Money Hungry"

+ property owned by LLC

+ short term loans

+ mortgage interest rate of 9%+

Great for Lenders!

"Under Pressure"

+ D.O.M. 4+ months

+ mortgage interest rate of 10% or       more

"Landlord Lifeline"

+ multifamily or single family homes

+ same owner for 5+ years

+ may have 2nd mortgage

+ preforeclosure


+ dozens of options

+ thousands of combinations

+ razor sharp targeting

+ be creative!